@ENS: Your web3 identity
Everything you are. Your web3 identity.
@ENS is a next-generation of on-chain ENS and is home to your web3 identity. Share your NFTs, socials and web3 profile.
LinkTree for Web3
This is your social homepage. Easily curate and share your wallet and your NFT collection to anyone.
Recently Claimed
Dynamic NFTs
Embedded a PFP into the metadata image and share it on OpenSea and other platforms.
On-Chain, Interoperable, ERC-721 NFTs
At the core, we designed @ENS to be open source and interoperatable between multiple DApps and marketplaces. @ENS can be traded on marketplaces as it complies to the ERC-721 token protocol. Additionally, anybody can extend the base feature set provided by @ENS.
Decentralized. Secured on-chain.
All of @ens is stored on-chain on Ethereum. This means that once you own the ENS handle, you own it life.